read this please
Ξ yo Ξ

comforting bby demento
U ever get so depressed that you just sit on the toilet for 2 hours n once you stand up it feels like mama whipped your ass real good
Anonymous whispered: Listen to kara's damaged lady, shake ur butt & do the 'ring off dance' and feel like the sexiest woman on earth haha!

omg GOOD IDEA ima do it half naked even better ft-giri can’t be stopped

zicovalove is so cute omg

Anonymous whispered: have you tried adding another slice of cheese to your ramen?

I haven’t gotten to the four cheese slice level yet imma try for dinner I’ll update y’all

Anonymous whispered: youre slavic? i thought you were like half chinese idk

I’ve answered this like 50 times
I’m basically really white besides like 20% Mongolian but I even got green eyes ok stop now send me breakup advice not this lmao

Anonymous whispered: Do it the slavic way: get piss drunk.

That’s an amazing idea my Slavic side is calling

Fuck this ok ima get so hot y’all don’t even kno and then ima slay all boys